High wheel with suspension seadle - BRUXELLES 52"c.1880

Very interesting high wheel with many very atypical details. The suspension system is very similar to the Clement et Cie systém from Paris, this Clement patent was often offered to other companies and so appeared on many other brands. However, this suspension system is very different. There are remnants of embossing on the side of the head - probably "BRUXELLES". This can be a dealer or a local manufacturer.

The bike is complete, rideable, after an older renovation. All components are original and only polished, the paint was completely repainted during the renovation, only the pedals are replicas - but with a patina and very well made to the smallest details! The very special and nice front hub, handlebars and brake system soon correspond to models from the late 70's. The brake cable is guided inside the frame. The rear hub and axle bearings are original English or in the English license: The AEOLUS.

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Origin: the bike was discovered in a restaurant in Germany where it hung in the kitchen as a decoration over 50 years, then it was owned by the Detsche Fahrradmuseum in Bad Bruckenau, the renovation was carried out in the Czech Republic