High Wheel Singer & Co., 54-inch bicycle

A circa 1885 George Singer & Co., 54-inch Ordinary bicycle in good, sound condition.

Restored in 1968 by the father of the man who sold this machine this year, it is finished in light green with silver paint to pedals, cranks and handlebars.

The hollow backbone drops to a pair of forks holding a 17-inch trailing wheel. The bearings are Singer patent and the 6-inch slotted cranks. The Arab-style saddle spring may be a later addition, but the saddle pan has a new leather top. The semi-drop 28-inch handlebars have their original turned horn grips and a spoon brake is fitted together, with a later bell. The tyring to the front wheel is hollow tubing, but to the rear is solid.

A delightfully original machine.

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1885 circa