High Wheel - 52", Humber, Marriott & Cooper - England

Thomas Humber (1841 – 1910) was a widely experienced black-smith and mechanic when he made his first two-wheeled machine, a boneshaker, in 1868. His first high wheel was built in 1872 and the first price list or catalogue appeared in 1874 with T. Humber as the firm´s name. Humber formed a partnership with Thomas Rushford Marriott in 1875 and extended the partnership with Fred Cooper in 1877. Mention of successes with Humber machines in races appered in the cycling press in 1876. It is known that machines made by the partnership, which lasted until 1885, were marked on the saddle spring „ Humber, Marriott & Cooper  - The Humber -  Makers Nottingham“.

The machine with the serial number 1405 was made around 1880. According to ex-original owner´s papers (which are attached with) this machine is the oldest preserved example from this company. Very rare machine!!!

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Part number
circa 1880

A complete and full original machine after old restauration. Brake and brake spoon is copy. Ready to ride immediatelly.

A lot of papers (information about this machine and from the Humber register) from original owner go with.