High Wheel - 51", Peugeot – France

A Peugeot Frérez, Valentigney, France - "Model No.1" having a 51-inch driving wheel, 3/4-inch crescent rims with good tyring fitted, single hollow-blade forks, circular backbone. Other features of this very sound machine are handlebars, and correct brake-lever and spoon. The saddle spring bears a very nice etched maker's name. Very nice ball bearings and a special attached handlebars.

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An original Peugeot high wheel is very rare. I have never seen simular machine before. Peugeot Museé in Sochaux had not original Peugeot high wheel machine on display long time. There is a nice machine with Peugeot badge, but it is not made by Peugeot company.
My friend found interestin link with "Grand bi 1882 - Modele " Le Français n°1 " - Musée Peugeot Sochaux"