Gnome Rhone men's bike 1940

Gnome Rhone men's bike, aluminium and steel frame. Gnome Rhone was an aviation company that also produced very beautiful innovative motorbikes and bikes using aircraft technology. Nice complete bike with Gnome Rhone stamped GR wide alloy mudguards. Very beautiful Gnome Rhone brazed-on alloy brakes. Gnome Rhone forged alloy cranks with alloy chainring. Simplex derailleur, nice alloy carrier, nice alloy lights (back light space age design...) and reflector. Nice alloy bars and brake levers. Correct GNome Rhone badges. Very rare alloy pedals. Will restore beautifully with all the alloy parts polished up, this is a bike in good condition that hasn't had a lot of use.

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circa 1940

A nice machine with a lot differant details. Full rideable machine.