Gnome Rhone men's bike 1940/45

Very fine original Gnome et Rhone alloy bicycle. These very interesting and under-rated bikes were built by the famous aviation firm, their large industrial capacity enabled them to make nearly all the parts themselves, the only outsourced parts on this bike are the lighting, derailleur and pedals (GR did actually make their own pedals on some bikes), bars and levers. So this is a very distinctive bike with parts that you will find on no other bike : GR chainguard, GR stem, GR brakes, GR stamped hubs, GR stamped rims, GR mudguards, home designed GR rear rack. All these parts have a very interesting "art deco" design. The different logos all integrate the motif of a propeller, giving an impression of speed, and showing that this bike was created by an avaition firm. Very interesting example of this make of bike, in truly excellent condition, superb chrome and no corrosion to the alloy, and all original.

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Frame size GR is 55 cm c to c seat tube