Gallery – evaluation

The point designation using stars facilitates rapid orientation and provides information on the importance and exceptional quality of specific machines (a similar system is used for hotels and restaurants – i.e. a greater number of stars corresponds to a higher level).

5 stars – absolutely rare item, unprecedented, unexpected (e.g. the only item or prototype existing in the world)

4 stars – quite rare item, original condition, technically very interesting (e.g. machine unambiguously belonging in the TOP selection of the TOP global collections)

3 stars – technically interesting, original condition, museum quality (e.g. machine that would unambiguously adorn the collection of any museum in the world)

2 stars – interesting, valued by collectors, frequently sought (e.g. machine with interesting technical node or unusual structural design)

1 star – historical machine (e.g. typical bicycle suitable for a collection showing the developmental stages of the bicycle or regional brand name)

We would like to point out that this is only a general evaluation based entirely on our subjective opinions.

These galleries are a sort of virtual museum presenting the developmental line of bicycles with a great many key stages. The detailed photographs reveal the beauty of the individual presented exhibits and show researchers where to direct their attention.  We are well aware of the fact that each collector or researcher is interested in somewhat different aspects. The evaluation only draws attention to very interesting and exceptional machines. It does not exclude the possibility that the bicycle with the lowest number of stars is the one that will be most interesting for you. Basically, we even anticipate this, as you will not find an uninteresting machine in this gallery.