Exposition L'historique Moto & Velo – Marmande 2013, France +++++

The absolutelly the best exposition antique bicycles I have ever seen. It is excellency when a lot of bicycles in authentic and original condition are showed for season exhibition only. Thank you Patric and Dominique.

Contakt: http://www.valdegaronne.com/?La-Tomate-a-la-Belle-Epoque´

Support for Assotiation ÉTOILE D'ARGENT: http://pari47.com/index.php?tg=articles&topics=288

Early Machines and First Progres of Bicycle:

119/A – Marmande 2013


The Big Part of Exhibition with Really Race Machines:

119/B – Marmande 2013

The Race Motorcycles from Differant Time Period:

119/C – Marmande 2013

The Atmosphere of Celebration in Marmande by Photographer Jan Bejšovec:

119/D – Marmande 2013