Exhibition in Château Haut Goujon, Montagne - France +++++

Occasional exhibition on the occasion of the stage to St. Emilion of the Tour de France 2021 was organized
on the weekend July 17th - 18th under the name "Exposition de cycles anciens au Château Haut Goujon à Montagne".
All the bikes placed directly in the winery were from the collections of collector Guy Frosio.
Very good deed and big congratulations!

Contact: https://chateauhautgoujon.com/en/home/

265/A - Château Haut Goujon à Montagne

Château Haut Goujon à Montagne organized a tasting for all visitors!

Contact: https://wangermez.com/haut-goujon

265/B - Château Haut Goujon à Montagne

History of Tour de France

265/C - Tour de France history

Films: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVmY_X-_wTk

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