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The Eagle bicycle was designed by L.B.Gaylor of Stamford Connecticut in 1886. Manufacture of the Eagle by the Eagle Bicycle Mfg. Company of Stanford Connectuit commenced in 1889. Truly a late date to introduce a high wheel bicycle in the even growing field of low safety bicycles. But the Eagle found an audience amongst long distance and racing wheelmen alike. It is simple lines of construction were and are seductive to the cycling world. The New Haven Cycling club in 1891 numbered 23 with 21 Eagles in the roster.

Eagle History 1

By 1891 the Eagle was offered in a light roadster model with hollow framing and tangential spoking shaving 6 pounds off the bike. Both racing and boys Eagles were also offered. Sizes offered 46“ through 56“. 1891 catalog advised against cushion tires calling them experimental. By mid year the ads were promoting the cushion tire version. By December of 1891 the address for the company had changed to Torrington Connecticut and the Eagle Light Roadster is offered as „The Old Reliable“ with notice of an Eagle safety soon be avaiable. The flight of the Eagle after three years was over.

The EAGLE Bicycle Mfg.Co., Stamford, Conn., USA - 1889

(collection: BiCZycle collection - Prague, 54" serial number 445 ..first year of production ... )

Eagle 1889

In the 1896 catalog clains that in the early years manufacture of one thousand bicycles was considered good. Current annual sales topping 20.000 bicycles.

Some copies of very rare original photographs with Eagle bicycles:

Eagle Photos

Much more research is needed to fill in the holes of history of the Eagle. Looking for more serial numbers to try and determine an approximate number manufactured. The serial number found on left side of steering rod cone bracked were often ligh impressions and during restoration one quick brush of the buffer's wheel creates a shinny blank surface. Of the known serial numbers for the Eagles there may be two sets of numbers. They made about  1500 - 1600 radial Eagles ( 1889-1891)  and  200-300 Eagle light roadsters (1891-1892):

- Eagle Roadster known serial  numbers 120 through 1395

- Eagle Light Roadster serial  number 2654

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Eagle Patents

1889 The EAGLE Bicycle Mfg.Co. - company catalogue

Eagle 1889

1890 The EAGLE Bicycle Mfg.Co. - company catalogue

Eagle 1890

1891 The EAGLE Bicycle Mfg.Co. - company catalogue

Eagle 1891

1892 The EAGLE Bicycle Mfg.Co. - company catalogue

Eagle 1892

More history lost: Torrington's Eagle Bicycle tower to be demolished

Posted: 10/12/12 By Ricky Campbell for New Haven register (rcampbell@registercitizen.com)

The former Eagle Bicycle Company and Progressive Manufacturing Company's tower will join the growing list of old Torrington buildings to be demolished, the Torrington Preservation Trust announced Friday.

The old red brick building at the corner of Pulaski and Norwood streets, will be demolished after the roof of the tower collapsed recently and officials from the organization say the area of the tower is now unsafe.

Once the home of the Eagle Manufacturing Company, purchased by a group of men including John and George Alvord and Achille Migeon in 1891, the factory operated at the Norwood Street location until 1905. It was then sold and re-fitted as the Progressive Manufacturing Company, which made nuts, bolts and screws.

In 1960, Progressive was sold to Pheoll, which ceased operation in 1982.

It will become the fourth Torrington property with historical significance to be demolished in the past two years. In early 2011, the old Torrington train station on Water Street was knocked down. The Franklin Street factory complex also went. And the Torrington Preservation Trust recently agreed to allow the demolition of the Mission-style Kelley warehouse building on Water Street after it was similarly determined to be beyond repair.

Torrington's Eagle Bicycle tower

In its announcement, the Preservation Trust said it “believes that these architecturally and historically significant buildings provide an important link to our history and an understanding of our community. Each time one is demolished, the unique and historical character of Torrington changes forever. We believe our historic buildings and the unique sense of place that they create can and should be the foundation of economic revitalization and we will continue to work to find ways to rehabilitate and reuse these structures.”

Some examples nice extant Eagle machines:

Ken Gray privat collection - Pennsylvania, USA

Eagle ex. 1

Carey Williams collection - Chicago, USA

Eagle ex.2

Velorama museum - Nijmegen, Netherlands

Eagle 1891, serial number #1352

Eagle ex.3

Deutsche Fahrradmuseum - Bad Brückenau, Germany

Eagle ex.4

Martins Bike Shop collection - Ephrata, PA, USA

Eagle ex.5

Pryor Dodge collection - New York, USA

Eagle ex.6

Ex Carl Burgward Museum, exampl 1 - USA

Eagle 52" high wheel (ordinary) bicycle, serial #1226, restored nickel, rideable, incorrect pedals. Original from Pedaling History Museum Collection. Good condition.

Sold by 22nd Annual Bicycle Auction Session II Pedaling History Coll., Saturday April 20, 2013

Eagle ex.8

Ex Carl Burgward Museum, exampl 2 - USA

1890 Eagle 52" high wheel (ordinary) safety bicycle, patented by L.B. Gaylord, Stamford, CT. Restored, new paint, tires and saddle. Correct reproduction pedals, retains original name badge. Excellent example of a highly sought after high wheel safety. Very good rider. Original from Pedaling History Museum Collection.

Sold by 22nd Annual Bicycle Auction Session II Pedaling History Coll., Saturday April 20, 2013

Eagle ex.9

Ex David Metz Museum - USA

C. 1889 50" Eagle high wheel safety, patented by L.B. Gaylor, Stamford, Conn in 1886. Cost approx. $130.00 new. Early SN #475. Older restoration.

Sold by 23rd Annual Antique & Classic Bicycle Auction, Saturday April 12, 2014

Eagle ex.10

Unknown privat collection - USA

Eagle Safety Bicycle, serial # 208, 52" rear driving wheel with a 22" front steering wheel.

Source: www.liveauctioneers.com

Eagle ex.11

Unknown privat collection - Germany

A pneumatic Eagle ...would be one of the last made  in 1892 ...

Eagle ex.7

Eagle - still on the road!!!!

Martin Krieg - "Why I Ride an Eagle?"

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Martin Krieg