"Cycle Pionners 1868 - 1900" Transport Museum, Coventry – England +++++

The exhibition "Cycle Pionners 1868 - 1900" presented almost the entire collection, including the machines that normally hide the museum deposit.

Contact: https://www.transport-museum.com/visiting/cycle_pioneers_1868_to_1900.aspx

Photos: with thanks Anton Blinof

261 - Výstava 2020

The Coventry Transport Museum has a large collection of bicycles, a large part of it comprising the collection of H.W.Bartleet, the greatest collector of Veteran and Vintage bicycles in the first quarter of the 20th Century, and the author of the wonderful Bartleet's Bicycle Book. There are many very important machines.

Contact:  www.transport-museum.com

23. Transport Museum, Coventry – England