Boneshaker Favre, France 1868

Boneshaker  Favre, France 1868

Serial number is 92, so a very very early model of his production (he made 100 in the first few months).

Beautiful badge, lever operated brake, etc...

The breveté of the badge probably corresponds to the double blade saddle spring, maybe also the oiler in the back hub with possibly the "bouchon de liege flottant" inside.

Very original top quality machine with following defects : saddle spring broken, saddle support broken, there are traces of black on the wooden parts, careful cleaning would bring back the bare wood. Quite a lot of original red paint.

The moustache is detached from the bike, it was just put on for the photos.

Very rare boneshaker from one of the most important historical makers.

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The front wheel 91 cm and back wheel 81 cm.