Antique Bicycles Day 2017 – Boskovštejn

Day „D“ 2017 - June 17 - Atmosphere!!!!

Meeting, exhibition, swap market, collectors rendez- vous. Many participans from Germany, Austria, England, Hungary, Slovakia and Gzech republic came and showed nice bicycles during a day exposition or on jumble sale. Thank you very much.

If you miss you will have an oportunity next year. Come and see this day again in 2018 June 8. - – Boskovštejn, the Czech republic

Antique Bicycles Day 2017 - Atmosphere

News in museum

Boskovštejn museum - pictures were taken during the meeting in June 2017

Antique Bicycles Day 2017 - Museum

A few detail for experts!!!!

Antique Bicycles Day 2017 - Jumble sale

The exposition and Jumble sale

Many and many nice and rare bicycles and items were shoved arend the kastle where bicycle museum is. 

Antique Bicycles Day 2017 - Jumble sale and expo