27th annual International Cycling History Conference 2016 and Cycle-bration of 150 years of bicycling in America

Welcome in the USA

USA 2016

„Cycle-Bration“ - 150 years of bicycling in America

The big „Cycle-Bration“ event in New Haven (Connecticut) celebrated 150 years of bicycling in America. This was for an all age bike and rider event 2016 June 25th and 26th and was open to the public, free of costs, and open to bicycles (and riders) of all ages. This was part of the Arts and Ideas festival ( New Haven's largest festive). 

„Cycle-Bration“ - 150 years of bicycling in America

Pierre Lallement memory 

2016 marks the 150 year anniversary of the first bicycle patent in the world !!!! Pierre Lallement (lived Ansonia, Main Street) rode across the New Haven Green April 4th 1866 ( first newspaper account of a bicycle ride in the world) , he files for a patent April 30th with patent attorney John Earl, and the worlds first bicycle patent was granted November 20th 1866. 

Pierre Lallement memory

Pierre Lallement patent 1866

Lallement patent 1866

Pierre Lallement Bicycle Festival and Ride

We rode Pierre Lallement's original ride Derby to Ansonia and back. 

Lallement's original ride

Witty Velocipede

June – July 1868, Made by Calvin Witty of Brooklyn, NY under order of the Hanlon Brothers, copied from Lallement patent drawing. Non adjustable saddle or pedals.

One of America´s first velocipedes.

Witty Velocipede I

International Cycling History Conference

Very nice and friendly New Haven hosted this year's conference. Carey Williams opened the conference in very good mood and the same atmosphere was there for all next days.

ICHC - North haven

Exhibition "150 years of bicycling in America"

One part of International Cycling History Conference was very nice exhibition at the Best Western, 201 Washington Ave , North Haven , CT (June 25th to 29th 2016)

Exhibition "150 years of bicycling in America"

27th International Cycling History Conference 2016 - Lectures

The American Cycling Experience - A Photographic Record 1850-1950.

Lorne Shields, Canada

Lorne Shields

The Hobby Horse in America, man learns to balance 1819.

Glen Norcliffe, Canada

Glen Norcliffe

Pierre Lallement and the Velocipede era, man learns to pedal, 1865-70.

David Herlihy, Boston ,MA

David Herlihy

The rise and fall of the high bicycle; pedaling with a view, 1870-1893.

Carey Williams, Chicago IL

Carey Williams

Boom and bust of the American bicycle craze, 1890's.

Paul Rubenson, Baltimore , MD

An Autobiography between the lines; Karl Kron's 10,000 miles on a bicycle.

Dave Buchanan, Edmonton, Canada

Dave Buchanan

Reading Smart ('s diary). Mapping the routes and embodied subjectivity of a 1890's cyclist.

Christine Bachman-Sanders, Minn, MN

Christine Bachman-Sanders

Trans Am Trail, America's Bicycle route.

Greg Siple, Adventure Cycling Association Missoula, Montana

Greg Siple

Bicycling History Archive.

Joanne Riley, Healey Library University Mass, Boston

Joanne Riley

Joseph R Wilson Jr, State vs Yopp and the League of American Wheelmen.

Michael Gately, NYC

Michael Gately

"Mount Holly and Smithville Bicycle Railroad".

Dennis McDonald, Medford, NJ

Dennis McDonald

America's first bicycles: the velocipede era

Carey Williams, Chicago. IL

Carey Williams II

The life of Charles Palmer, (New Rapid)

Christian Wignall, San Francisco, CA

Christian Wignall

The safety bicycle

Nick Clayton, UK

Nick Clayton

Unveiled, a chain drive American velocipede tricycle

Lorne Shields, Toronto Canada

Lorne Shields II

"Lady Cyclists" Dress and tricycling in Britain and the United States during the 1880's

Catlin Cohn, MN

Catlin Cohn

The Needham Tricycle

John Malseed, UK

John Malseed

Wheel Violence

Duncan Jamieson Ashland University, OH

Duncan Jamieson

Bicycling and bicycling advocacy on Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 1970-present

John Allen, Boston, MA

John Allen

The Henley Bicycle Works and its founder

Gary Sanderson, Verona, NJ

Gary Sanderson

1982 The year of the plastic bicycles

Chris Morris, B. C., Canada

Chris Morris

Overman and Eastman. The bond (and break) of American icon George Eastman and bicycle magnate Albert Overman

David Herlihy, Boston, MA

David Herlihy II

The church or the wheel, religion contends with the American bicycle boom

Chris Sweet, IL

Chris Sweet

Fred St. Onge and the Transformation of Bicycling in the Bust Years

Lorenz J. Finison, Ph.D, Boston Mass

Lorenz J. Finison Ph.D

Traces of 19th Century Cycling in the building environment

Robert MCCullough, VT

Robert MCCullough

Cycling in the 19th century Gent

Dirk Van Luchem, Gent , Belgium

Dirk Van Luchem

28th ICHC Mannheim, Germany 2017

Eva Gramlich

Eva Gramlich

This monument  was erected in 2008 in memory of Major Taylor  in his adopted home town, Worcester, Mass.

Major Taylor

Bus trip to see "Pope Manufacturing Company" in Hartfort, Connecticut and "Ames Manufacturing Company" in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Pope M.C. and Ames M.C.

Next abandoned buildings were nice too....

For Lease

A fantastic brochure compiled by Mr.Robert McCullough. Very good job. Thank you.

Robert McCullough

We stopeed in The Henry Sheldon Museum in Middlebury, Vermont to see showcasing the extensive bicycle collection of Glenn Eames with the exhibit "Pedaling Through History: 150 Years of the Bicycle“. It was top peak our way!!

Contact: http://henrysheldonmuseum.org/

191 - Henry Sheldon Museum

Shelburne Museum is a museum of art, design, and American located in Shelburne, Vermont, United States. Over 150,000 works are exhibited in 38 exhibition buildings, 25 of which are historic and were relocated to the Museum grounds. It is located on 45 acres (18 ha) near Lake Champlain.

Contact: https://shelburnemuseum.org

Shelburne Museum

Blacksmith and Wheelwright

Shelburne Museum II

Old SeaPort MYSTIC, Connecticut

Contact: http://www.mysticseaport.org/