2 Pieces of French Mantle Vases. "Velocipede motif" c.1869

A unique offer and an absolutely exceptional opportunity:

Pair of French Mantle Vases.  Velocipede motif.   Production was 'of the era' circa 1869.  Original condition with no cracks or chips.  The riders are both cycling towards each other.  Male velocipedist facing to the left is on a two wheeled Michaux pattern velocipede.  Ribbon bands on his cap are flowing backwards indicating that he is in motion at a fast pace.  A male and female are standing in the background to the right taking in this most modern happening. Structure with man in front to the left. Lady facing to the right is on her rod driven tricycle and is represented as in motion since the ribbons around her waist are flowing backwards in the wind.  There is a dog chasing her at the rear wheel.  Same couple to the right background shows that the scene taken at the same general time and place.  No makers mark of country of origin which is not unusual for objects of  this type and time of production.  An attractive, wonderful and rare set of antique collectible cycling objects. 



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Vases are each 21 x 17.5 cm.  Top is 17 x 8.5 cm.  Base 11.5 x 9.2 cm. 


Condition:  Excellent

Packing included.  Postage at cost from Canada.