First Bicycle museum Balassagyarmat - Hungary +++++

The first Hungarian Bicycle Museum (original name 1.Kérékpar muzeum) opened in Balassagyarmat in 2020.

Complete cross-section of bike development, many local brands, very nice environment.

Address: Balassagyarmat, Civitas Fortissima tér 2, 2660 Hungary


324/A - 1.Kérékpar muzeum

Výstava „IVCA 2014“ – Tiszakecske, Maďarsko +++++

The exhibition supported IVCA Rally 2014. Bicycles there were from Transport museum in Budapest and from circa twenty local collectors. In real there were possible to see the best bicycles from whole Hungry.


142/B " IVCA Exposition 2014 " – Hungary

Magyar Műszaki és Közlekedési Múzeum, Budpest, Hungary +++++

Exposition 2023: “The Cycling Shift“ – Progres of Bicycle

The Technical and Transport Museum in Budapest launched an exhibition called "Bringára ​​váltva", i.e. the development of the bicycle, changes to the bicycle, etc. Architect János Dombóvári prepared the exhibition and installation according to the plans of Vannay Architecture. In addition to the historical and technological overview, the intention of the organizers is to create an experience-oriented attitude, which is also openly announced in the accompanying text of the exhibition, because "bicycles are competitive in more and more fields, without their use being dangerous or unpleasant". The organizers want to highlight the fundamental change that the way of thinking about transport is going through today, where "sustainable modes of transport have an ever-increasing place".

For us collectors, it's a very nice venture, many interesting things and very well-placed local bikes and brands.

Address: Budapest, Kaposvár u. 13-15, 1117 Hungary


321 - Expo 2023 Budapest