Michaux Pére et Cie., (ser. number 25), Paris - 1869

A nice example of a Michaux et Cie velocipede representing all the technical years of Pierre Michaux to the siblings Marius, René and Aimé Olivier when he was their partner. Mainly the system of fixing the handlebars to the stem, the straight frame with saddle springs, the handlebars and the entire brake system, the front fork with mounts and its bearing lubrication system, pedals with weights for lubrication, cranks with elongated adjustments. All these innovations were the subject of a patent with two amendments already filed on April 24, 1868 by Pierre Michaux himself, long before the creation of the company Michaux Père et Cie created on June 15, 1869. This patent No. 83637 was returned to the Olivier brothers by a court decision on 11 October 1869. Since the Michaux company was founded on June 15, 1869, and since the court excluded Pierre Michaux from this patent on October 11, 1869, this pedal velocipede is not to benefit from the Michaux Père et Cie bicycles patented on October 8, 1869, and that his firm then went bankrupt on 7 January 1870, so it is reasonable to date it between 15 June and 8 October 1869 and attribute the "à la Lyonnaise" frame of the Compagnie Parisienne copy to it. The originality of this Michaux Père te Cie even foreshadows the famous Compagnie Parisienne. INPI archives Thanks for all details: Didier Mahistre