30th ICHC 2019 – International Cycle History Conference - Znojmo

                                                                            30th ICHC


                                 Conference Center: Loucký klášter, Znojmo

                                                                        June 18-21, 2019

                                                                         Jan Králík, Chairman


ICHC - Znojmo 2019

Thomas Stevens' Ride from Budapest (Hungary) to Belgrade (Serbia) with Igali Svetozar in 1885

Gary W. Sanderson

Gary W. Sanderson - 30th ICHC 2019

The Perils of Piracy - A comparison of the original, licensed Sturmey Archer model AW epicyclic hub rear and pirate versions of this hub in the 1940s - 1960s

Chris Morris

Chris Morris - 30th ICHC 2019

The Rolling Romanovs

David V. Herlihy

David V. Herlihy - 30th ICHC 2019

Hobby Horseanna Revisited

Roger Street

Roger Street - 30th ICHC 2019

Karl Greger, an Early Bicycle Manufacturer in Vienna   

Walter Ulreich

Walter Ulreich - 30th ICHC 2019

James Herbert Banks - A Life Story

Paul Adams

Paul Adams - 30th ICHC 2019

History of Cycling in the Town of Davis, California

Christian Wignall

Christian Wignall - 30th ICHC 2019

Ernest Tereh Hooley - The Splendid Bankrupt

Nicholas Clayton

Nicholas Clayton - 30th ICHC 2019

The Premier Safety of Hillman Herbert and Cooper in 1886

Gertjan Moed

Gertjan Moed - 30th ICHC 2019

Bugatti Bicycles

Jan Králík

Jan Králík - 30th ICHC 2019

Musée Automobile de Provence, ORGON - Francie

Original Frame ?????

František Brauner - Czech Republic 1929

Bugatti - Brauner

Bohumil Kasl - replica 2018

Bugatti - Kasl

UFOs – Unusual, Fun and Odd Cycling Photographs

Lorne Shields

Lorne Shields - 30th ICHC 2019 (part I)

Digitizing One Hundred Years of Printed Cycle History Preserved Bicycle Documents

For All the World and for Free

Heinrich Bűltemann-Hagedorn 

Heinrich Bűltemann-Hagedorn - 30th ICHC 2019

Clocks, Cyclometers, and Cycling   

Lorne Shields

Lorne Shields - 30th ICHC 2019 (part II)

On the Origin of the Oriental Rickshaw

Hans-Erhard Lessing (Paper presented by Gary Sanderson)

Gary Sanderson (Mr.Lessing) - 30th ICHC 2019

First Day - Accompanying program - Museum motorismu ZNOJMO

Photo: Robert Štěrba and Walter Ulreich 

Muzeum motorismu Znojmo

Second day - Accompanying program - The Bicycle museum Retz Austria

Fahrradmuseum Retz

Third day - Accompanying program - Museum of Bicycle Boskovštejn


Muzeum kol Boskovštejn