29th ICHC 2018 – International Cycle History Conference - London

29th ICHC

The future from the past


Guildhall, Gresham Street, London, ECV2 7HH,

June 13-16, 2018

Philip Saunders, Chairman


Hobby Horses, velocipedes and bikes - 29th ICHC 2018

Opening of the conference, Welcome and Daily Notes

Philip Saunders (UK), 29th ICHC Chairman

Philip Saunders - 29th ICHC 2018

Opening words: Cycle History is Important

Sharon Ament, Director, Museum of London (UK)

Sharon Ament - 29th ICHC 2018

May Your Strides Ever Be Long Ones

Roger Street (UK)

Roger Street - 29th ICHC 2018

The Mysterious Rappa

Endre Varsa (Hungary), presented by Tony Handland (UK)

Tony Handland - 29th ICHC 2018

Reflexions on Three Decades of the ICHC

Nick Clayton (UK)

Nick Clayton - 29th ICHC 2018

The First Bicycle Built in Spain 1867

Angel Giner (Spain)

Angel Giner - 29th ICHC 2018

From Muscle on Wheels to Beauty on Wheels: Woman´s High-Wheel Bicycle Racing in Nineteenth-Century America

Ann Hall (Canada)

Ann Hall - 29th ICHC 2018

Two Czech Tricycles from 1832 (?) and 1891

Jan Králík (Czech Republic)

Jan Králík - 29th ICHC 2018

Richard Weber´s Role in the Development of Electrical Lighting with Dynamos for Bicycles

Gerd Boettcher and Three Others: presented by Heinrich Bueltmann-Hagedorn (Germany)

Heinrich Bueltmann-Hagedorn - 29th ICHC 2018

Healthy and Sustainable Travel

Nick Lloyd (UK)

Nick Lloyd - 29th ICHC 2018

Bicycle Messeger Boys and the Evolution of American labor Laws

Chris Sweet (USA)

Chris Sweet - 29th ICHC 2018

An Early History of the Hobby-Horse and Cranked Bicycles in the Australien Colonies, 1831 – 1869: Attempting to Rewrite the History of Cranked Bicycles

Mark Rerceretnam (Australia)

Mark Rerceretnam - 29th ICHC 2018

Domesticated Mobility: Exploring the limits of Woman´s Liberation through Cycling in British Literature, Guide Books and Periodicals 1890 -1910

Una Brogan (France/UK)

Una Brogan - 29th ICHC 2018

Did the Safety Bicycle Influence Human Evolution in England?

Tony Handland (UK)

Tony Handland(2) - 29th ICHC 2018

The “Scottish School” is Out: Debunking Danzell and McMillan

David Herlihy (USA)

David Herlihy - 29th ICHC 2018

Sustrans: History, Objectives, Successes

Xavier Brice (UK)

Xavier Brice - 29th ICHC 2018

Britain´s Small-Wheel Cycle Revolution

Dan Farrell (UK)

Dan Farrell - 29th ICHC 2018

The Life of Bernard Newman, Cycling´s Most Prolific Writer

Jeff Malter (UK) article on the Cycling.org website

Jeff Malter - 29th ICHC 2018


An Early History of Bicycles in the Australian Colonies, 1831 to 1869

Mark Rerceretnam (Australia)


Mark Rerceretnam - 29th ICHC 2018


Bicycle Statistics in Italy

Carlo Mari (Italy)

Carlo Mari - 29th ICHC 2018

Cycling and Disability

Kevin Hickman and Isabelle Clement (UK)

Kevin Hickman and Isabelle Clement - 29th ICHC 2018

Vienna and Its Vélocipédes

Walter Ulreich (Austria)

Walter Ulreich - 29th ICHC 2018

Unbroken Cains

Local presenter (UK) – out of official program

Local presenter - 29th ICHC 2018

Iver Johnson and His Bicycles: 1884-1930s

Gary W. Sanderson (USA)

Gary W. Sanderson - 29th ICHC 2018

Constructing History: The Delights and Perils of Speculation

Nicolas Oddy (UK)

Nicolas Oddy - 29th ICHC 2018

Development of the Hub Lamp

Peter McDonald-Card (UK)

Peter McDonald-Card - 29th ICHC 2018

The Dissemination of Innovative Concepts and Ideas: A case Study: The One-Wheeled Velocipede (Monocycles), 1851-1870

Stephen Ranson (Germany)

Stephen Ranson - 29th ICHC 2018

Everyday Cycling History in Bogotá, Columbia

Camilo A.Torres (Columbia)

Camilo A.Torres - 29th ICHC 2018

Searching for Ceci Flendrofski, one of the forgotten Austro-Hungarian Female Racing Pioneers of the 1890s

Petra Johanna Sturm (Austria)

Petra Johanna Sturm (Austria)

Changing the Politics of Urban Cycling: The London Example

Tom Bogdanowitz (UK)

Tom Bogdanowitz - 29th ICHC 2018

The Greatest Invention under the Sun: The League Cycle Co., Marker of the First Chainless Bicycle

Michael Gruetzner (Germany/UK)

Michael Gruetzner - 29th ICHC 2018

Willie Windle and the Great Springfield (Massachusetts) Piano Race of 1891

James Kossuth (USA)

James Kossuth - 29th ICHC 2018

Woodrow Wilson (28th American President, 1913 -1921) Toured Britain in 1899 and Kept a Diary

Michael Gately (USA) - no photos, sorry

Before High-Wheels in Ireland (1817 – 1870): Hobby-Horses, Quadricycles, Tricycles and Velocipedes

Brian Griffin (UK) - no photos, sorry

Throw Off Your Chains

Christopher Morris (Canada) - no photos, sorry

Get Off the Road

Carlton Reid (UK)

Carlton Reid - 29th ICHC 2018

Sisterhood of the Wheel: The Rosslyn Ladies Cycling Club, 1922-today

Sheila Hanlon (UK)

Sheila Hanlon - 29th ICHC 2018


A Johnson Hobby Horse – A Recent Barn Find

Glynn Stockdale (UK)

Glynn Stockdale - 29th ICHC 2018

Images of Victorian Cycling in the British Isles

Lorne Shields (Canada)

Lorne Shields - 29th ICHC 2018

Mastering Motion: A Value Analysis of the American Velocipede, 1868-1869

Nancy Kopleman (USA)

Nancy Kopleman - 29th ICHC 2018

Celebration of the Velocipede (Draisiene 200 years, Michaux Velocipede 150 years) and the Influence of These Events in France

Keizo Kobayashi (France)

Keizo Kobayashi - 29th ICHC 2018

The official closing of the 29th International Cycle History Conference was at 'The Worshipfull Company of the Cultlers' in the Cultlers' Hall, Warwick Lane in the City of London.

Photo: Walter Ulreich 

Banquet - 29th ICHC 2018